What does a day-of wedding coordinator do?

Your wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your life and so naturally, you will want your wedding to be meticulously planned. But most people are very particular when it comes to wedding planning (and rightly so, it’s your special day), so it can be  A LOT of work to plan and coordinate. This level of planning and coordination can be stressful and that is why I highly recommend handing everything over to a wedding coordinator on the day. In this blog I will cover exactly what day-of wedding coordinators do and give you a run down of the benefits of hiring a wedding coordinator for your special day!

Day-of Wedding Coordinators: What do they do?

You should be spending the run up to your wedding looking forward to it, not worrying about the logistics of it all and trying to calculate everything down to the decimal point. These are worries best left to your wedding coordinator. We totally understand that you want everything about your wedding to be absolutely perfect. You might be worried that it won’t be perfect unless you constantly oversee every tiny detail. But trust me you will save yourself a lot of time, effort and most importantly stress if you decide to hire a wedding coordinator. But why should you bother with a wedding coordinator? What do they actually do?

A ‘day-of’ wedding coordinator is the person responsible for smoothly executing all of your wedding plans on the day. They will be occupied with managing the timeline, dealing with vendors and overcoming any issues that arise at the last minute. This means that you can be fully occupied with enjoying and experiencing your wedding.

Day-of wedding coordination is just one of the services offered by Wedding Planners. As a Wedding Planner, I offer both day-of wedding coordination and wedding planning services.  Wedding planning services cover all of the the planning of the day as well as the on the day coordination and clearing the venue afterwards. Whereas day-of wedding coordination services only cover the on the day coordination.

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The benefits of hiring a day-of wedding coordinator

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a day-of wedding coordinator is that working with a wedding coordinator is usually cheaper that working with a full wedding planner. Making a wedding coordinator the perfect option for a bride on a budget.

Your wedding coordinator will not be involved in the wedding planning process. This makes a wedding coordinator the ideal choice for couples who want to plan every detail of their wedding themselves. Because all your day-of wedding coordinator requires from you is that you relax and enjoy your wedding day. They take the reins and make sure that everything you and your partner planned is implemented smoothly.

The process of hiring a day-of wedding coordinator

The name ‘day-of’ can actually be quite misleading. Yes, the kind of wedding coordinator we are talking about is primarily concerned with overseeing things on the day. However when a couple starts working with a day-of wedding coordinator like myself, the process usually begins about 4-6 weeks ahead of the wedding. 

It is recommended that you hire your day-of wedding coordinator at least 6 months in advance so that you can rest easy knowing they will definitely be available. At this point, couples tend to have already decided on catering, decorations etc. So you are simply handing over the details to your wedding coordinator so that you can stop worrying about the wedding and start looking forward to it! 

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Working with a day-of wedding coordinator will make your life easier

It is difficult to gauge exactly how much time you will need with your day-of wedding coordinator but I would recommend you allow for at least 10-20 hours of planning on their part. This may seem like a lot of time but it means that your wedding coordinator can really fine tune the entire wedding. With adequate time to prepare they will be able to ensure that everything happens on time and that everyone knows exactly where to be and when. Meaning you can relax and enjoy your special day together. 

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